Sunday School At Home

Click HERE for this week's Sunday School videos, parent guides and God Time worksheets. 


Christian Education is available for children Preschool thru 5th grade from 10-11:15am Sundays. Please ask a greeter to help you find the right class for each child. 

Our Nursery for ages 0-3 is available during all three Sunday morning services and is staffed by responsible adult caregivers.

Preschool (Ages 3 –5):   Preschoolers are presented with a lesson by committed adults and youth helpers. The curriculum, environment, and activities are designed for this age of discovery and exploration with crafts, games, live presentations, puppets, and music. Children are signed in and out of their room. 

Kindergarten—4th Grade:   Each grade level has their own newly renovated and stocked classroom staffed by two adult volunteers. Our teachers are the BEST at making class fun, safe, and meaningful! The curriculum presents Bible truths in a way that encourages children to relate them to their own lives, and build relationships with other Christians. For the last 20 minutes of the hour, children will be taken to Inman Room for a group worship experience, including songs. Parents will pick up their children from the Inman Room. 

5th Grade:   This class is taught by two committed adult volunteers, one of whom has taught this class for over twenty years! He challenges and guides this older group to study the Bible in depth for the full hour. This class is great preparation for Confirmation offered for grades 6-8.