Do you miss the opportunity to have fun and fellowship with your church family?  Are you tired of only engaging with the same people who are in your "safe" bubble? Or are you feeling a little isolated? This is an opportunity to branch out and get to know and support another member of Roscoe Methodist. Individuals or families can sign up to be paired with a pen pal.  

Click here to sign up for a Roscoe Methodist Pen Pal

Who can sign up for a pen pal?  

We encourage everyone and all ages to sign up for a pen pal as an individual or family!  We would love to see everyone have fun connecting with one another in our congregation as we continue to have to maintain social distance and fellowship.

Why a pen pal?

We are continuing to have to keep distance from one another and this is a way we can be supportive to others in our community!  Let’s have fun getting to know someone else in our church during this time.

How often will I communicate with my Pen Pal?  
After signing up, participants will receive an email from the church when they’ve been assigned a Pen Pal. You and your Pal can write back and forth as often as you like, we would suggest a minimum of once per month.  If you aren’t hearing back from your Pal, please e-mail Noel Hodge, so that we can check in and make sure they want to participate.


What should I write or send to my pen pal?
Pen Pals can write quick notes or longer letters, or include drawings. Tell your pal about yourself, and ask questions about them. Pray for your Pen Pal, and ask in each note if there’s anything specific (joy or concern) they’d like you to pray about.


You will also receive a get-to-know you sheet you can complete and send to your pen pal!  Once you get to know your pen pal, you can get creative and deliver a care package or anything else fun or that you think they may appreciate.